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Eighteenth  Season 2016 - 2017 FEAST PLAYS CHAMBER MUSIC November 12, 3:00 PM, Unitarian Universalist 																																											Church November 13, 3:00 PM, Montrose Pavilion

The 6 chamber music concerts will be offered as a season ticket.

Concerts will take place in Grand Junction and Montrose.

It is time to send your pledge in for our  2016-2017 concert season DECIDUOUS TRIO November 29, 7:30 PM, Montrose Pavilion November 30, 7:30 PM, Encore Room ~ Avalon DOUG MONTGOMERY March 8, 3:00 PM, Montrose Pavilion March 9, 7:30 PM, Encore Room ~ Avalon Doug Montgomery KATHRYN MIENTKA: DEBUT SOLO PIANO RECITAL  ON THE SMALL KEYBOARD June 2, 7:30 , PM, Encore Room ~ Avalon June 4, 3:00 PM, Montrose Pavilion Mini FEAST CELLHARMONICS March 25, 3:00 PM, Avalon Theatre March 26, PM. Montrose Pavilion Cellharmonics ALTIUS QUARTET WITH STEPHANIE MIENTKA THE BRAHMS DOUBLE-VIOLA QUINTET February  5, 3:00 PM, Montrose Pavilion February 6, 7:30 PM, Encore Room ~Avalon Solo Piano with Kathryn Mientka Our season and individual tickets are now  available for purchase